Laboratory Power Amplifiers

VT3 high voltage, high current amplifier for driving piezo stacks and piezo actuators

Stable with all capacitive and resistive loads

The VT3 model shown below is custom made to drive piezo stacks and actuators with up to 200V, using waveforms of any kind.
This amplifier can typically drive a 40uF load with 200V square wave at 120Hz.
Rise/fall time is 400uS for a 200V step and 40uF load (2 V/uS).
Rise/fall times will slower with higher capacitance and faster with lower capacitance.
The max. output charging current is 20A.
Full power bandwidth to 20KHz
Output is protected for short circuits, so if the stack shorts out the amplifier just shuts down.
Amplifier also protected against high temperature.
Monitor outputs for output current and output voltage on the front panel.

Dimensions of the VT3 is 17"wide, 3.5" high and 12" deep.
Rack mount adapter available.
We can also make similar amplifiers for lower/higher voltage and current. A similar unit with 40A max is the VT40.
See inside of the amplifier with universal switching power supply on the left and amplifier board on the right.
We try to make these amplifiers rugged and indestructable.