FG153 power sinewave generator

FG153 power sinewave generator.
Low distortion sinewaves from 10Hz to 25KHz.
Output voltage 0...15VRMS into 4 Ohm
Quartz sythesizer for frequency accuracy of 0.001% or better.

A Quality Power Sinwave Function Generator By Marchand Electronics Inc. - The FG53 is a very accurate instrument for generating sinewaves.  A frequency synthesizer  generates sinewaves from 10Hz to 100KHz. The unit has two knobs; one for changing the output voltage and the other for changing the frequency. The internal 30W power amplifier can drive 4 and 8 Ohm loudspeaker directly. A sync output is useful when doing lab measurements for connecting to oscilloscope or frequency counter.

Output: BNC+, BNC- front panel
Binding Posts front panel
XLR front panel
Sync: BNC front panel
Power: IEC connector rear panel.

Frequency: rotary encoder
Level: rotary encoder

Frequency: 6 digit LED
Amplitude: 5 digit LED

Frequency range: 10Hz - 25KHz
Output voltage: 0.000 ... 15.000 Volt RMS (0.000 ... 125.00 V RMS on high voltage model)
Distortion: less than 0.1%
Output current capability: 4A RMS ( 1A RMS on high voltage model)
Sync output 1VRMS (constant voltage sinewave)
Output Impedance: less than 1 Ohm.
Dimensions: 17" x 3.5" x 8" (wxhxd)

Ordering Information:
FG153-AA Power sinewave generator
FG153HV-AA High voltage power sinewave generator
Rack mount ears

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