MB26 10W push-pull tube amplifier monoblock

Two EL84/6BQ5 in push-pull.
 Two ECC83/12AX7 drivers
10WRMS, Class AB.
Voltage gain 26dB
8 Ohm load
RCA input
5-Way binding posts output
External power supply
Solid hardwood base
Dimensions 5" x 9" x 6".
Weight   5 lbs


This small monoblock amp uses two EL84 pentode tubes in push-pull configuration. The driver tubes are 12AX7A, in a differential configuration. The unit uses an external 15V DC power supply. An internal regulator and voltage converter provides the 12.6VDC for the filaments and the 250VDC plate voltage. The external 110V/220V input, 15VDC output regulated power supply is included with the unit. Because the MB26 runs off a 15VDC power supply it can also be powerd by a 12V automotive type battery, so you can take it on the road. Normally used in pairs, the MB26 is also available in singles. The solid hardwood base is available in several selected woods. We have walnut, oak, hickory, poplar and others. Or we can use your own choice of wood. Balanced inputs w. XLR connector is available as an option. The picture shows the MB26 with the 2 12AX7, 2 6BQ5 and the push-pull output transformer. External 15VDC power supply not shown. Part number MB26-AA.