MB401 Class A Power Amplifier
2023 Update

MB401 Monoblock MOSFET Audio Power Amplifier with optional VU meter and 46 step attenuator

40 Watt RMS into 8 Ohm.
All MOSFET design.
Stable with any load.
Better than 0.02% distortion at 1 KHz.
Class A bias.
Balanced XLR and Single Ended RCA Inputs
Heavy duty toroidal power transformer
Thermal overload protection
Short circuit protection
AC or DC input coupling

The MB401 MOSFET power amplifier is rated at 40WRMS into 8 Ohm. The amplifier has a balanced(XLR) and single-ended (RCA) input. The output uses heavy duty 5-way binding posts. The power supply uses a heavy duty toroidal power transformer and large capacitors.
The MB401 construction is very rugged. It is housed in a strong metal case. A large heatsink on the rear of the cabinet dissipates the heat generated by the amplifier. A thermal cutout mounted on the heatsink shuts the amplifier off in case it gets too hot.
The class A option offers superior sound quality.
A switch inside the cabinet select for 120V or 240V AC power.
A switch inside the cabinet select AC or DC input coupling.
Optional VU meter and optional 46 step input attenuator with Shallco or Elma switch


Frequency response 10Hz to 20 KHz, +/ -1 dB
Harmonic distortion @ 1KHz, 1W 0.02% or better
Voltage gain 20dB (10X )
Slew rate 100V/uS
Input impedance 50K
Max Peak Output Current 10A (short circuit protected)
Output Load 8 Ohm typical, stable with any load
Max power output (class A) 40W into 8 Ohm,
Dimensions 17" x 3.5"" x 12.5"" (WxHxD)"
Weight 15 lbs
Power requirement 120/240VAC, 4A fuse
Construction All metal cabinet, black with white legend
Front panel: On/Off switch Rear Panel: Power entry connector Fuse Output connectors (Binding posts) Single ended input connectors (RCA) Balanced input connectors( XLR) Balanced/Single ended switch Options:

VU meter
46 step aAttenuator

Ordering Information: MB401-AA Class A Mono Amp
MB401-VU Optional VU meter
MB401-ATT Input attenuator

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