PR141 Passive Preamp / Stepped Attenuator

46 Step precision main volume control.
Totally passive design.
Selector for 2 inputs.
All metal film resistors.

The PR141 passive preamp provides a volume control and input selector of the highest quality.

The  passive preamp stepped attenuator volume control has 46 steps of attenuation of 1.25 dB each. This level control is assembled using a high quality mil-spec rotary switch and presision metal film resistors. The input selector switch can select from 2  input channels.

The front panel of the passive preamp has the 2 controls. The rear panel has the 2 pair of input connectors and the output connectors. There is no power cord or power supply of any kind. All connectors are heavy duty brass and gold plated with teflon insulation. The cabinet is aluminum. Knobs are black aluminum.

The PR41 passive preamp is compatible with most any component with line level outputs, like CD player, tuner, tape recorder, etc, and with most power amplifiers, tube or solid state. Most power amplifiers have an input impedance in the range of 10KOhm to 100KOhm. The PR41 front panel is calibrated for a load impedance of 25 KOhm, but using an amplifier with a different input impedance only changes the calibration by a small amount (less than 1.5 dB) and is generally not a problem. The PR41 can also drive any of our electronic crossover networks.

A Balanced version of the  PR41 passive preamp with XLR connectors is also available. Other options include bridged-T  and H ladder configurations and different resistance values. Please consult factory for details: or (585) 423-0462

Front Panel:
Volume control: rotary 46(PR41)step stepped attenuator
Source selector: rotary 2 channel selector
Rear Panel:
Inputs: 2 pair of heavy duty gold RCA connectors.
Output: 1 pair of heavy duty gold RCA connectors.

Frequency response: DC - 100KHz +/- 0.25dB
Input impedance: 20 KOhm
Step size, attenuator PR41: 1.25 dB
Output load: 10KOhm or more (25 KOhm typical).
Dimensions: 7" X 3" X 11 "

Ordering Information:
PR141-AA Passive Peamp

46 position heavy duty attenuator inside the passive preamp.