PS125 Open Frame Power Amplifier
PS125HV High Voltage Power Amplifier

Rugged power amplifier for audio and instrumentation.
Balanced or Single ended inputs (differential input)..
100 Watt RMS.
Toroidal power transformer.
Large filter capacitance, up to 30,000uF .
Heavy duty open frame construction.
Uses PM324 modules.
High voltage amplifier version available (+/- 200V).
Dimensions 13" x 6" x 3".
Custom modifications available.

The PS125 power amplifier series provide high quality power amplifier in an economical and rugged construction. The unit has a toroidal power transformer and linear rectifier unit mounted in a heavy duty aluminum chassis that acts as the heat sink for the power amplifier. The PM324 module is a MOSFET single amplifier. The PS125 uses a heavy duty 160VA toroidal power transformer. The PS125 is ideal for OEM applications, powered amplifiers, for driving precision servo motors, instrumentation and so on. The amplifier is short circuit protected, and also has thermal protection, making these units almost indestructible. Typical power bandwidth of the amplifiers is DC to 25KHz. The amplifiers all have differential inputs that can be used with a unbalanced or balanced source. An internal jumper selects between AC or DC coupling. Typical harmonic distortion is 0.01% or less. Typical load capability of the amplifiers is 8 Ohm, but the amps are stable with any load. For different load requirements consult factory. The high voltage version can be ordered with an output voltage range of up to +/- 200V; consult factory for details. For example, the PS125HV-140-324 has max. output voltage of +/-170V and is thus able to put out up to 120VRMS.

Model Number    Module         RMS Power  Output voltage swing  Output current  Remarks
Installed (peak-peak) limit
PS125-35-324 PM324 MOSFET 100 -45V - +45V 9A RMS For audio and general purpose use
PS125-40-324 PM324 MOSFET 100 -50V - +50V 9A RMS For audio and general purpose use
PS125-50-324 PM324 MOSFET 100 -70V - +70V 5A RMS For audio and general purpose use
PS125HV-120-324 PM324HV MOSFET 50 -150V - +150V 0.5A RMS High voltage amplifier
PS125HV-140-324 PM324HV MOSFET 50 -170V - +170V 0.4A RMS High voltage amplifier 120VRMS output

For more details on the amplifier sections see the pages on the PM324 amplifier modules.
Ask us about custom modifications. We may be able to customize this amplifier to your needs. For example: custom gain setting, custom output voltage range.