Test CD's
Ideal for testing your system with accurate stimulus.
We have two test CD's available

CD102: Test CD with custom tracks.
We can make this test CD with the tracks that you specify.
Each track can be any frequency and any length.
Normally we use sinewaves but we can also use other waveforms.

CD101: Test CD with sweep tones.
See below for description of this CD.
Tracks on this CD101 can also be downloaded at no cost.

Test tracks with sweep tones

These octave sweep tones are ideal for checking out your crossover network.
Each test track has a continuous tone that changes back and forth in frequency from a low of half the center frequency to a high of double the center frequency and back.

                                 Frequency of tone as function of time

Use a test track that has the same center frequency as the crossover frequency.
When playing on your system it should have the same loudness when coming from one speaker as when coming from the other speaker.
The test tracks are encoded in MP3 format.
Each test track is 1 minute long; use the repeat feature on your player for longer tests.

                                              4Hz       6Hz       8Hz       10Hz
    15Hz     20Hz     30Hz     40Hz     60Hz     80Hz     100Hz
  150Hz   200Hz   300Hz   400Hz   600Hz   800Hz   1000Hz
1500Hz 2000Hz 3000Hz 4000Hz 6000Hz 8000Hz 10000Hz

Test track with sweep from 20Hz to 20KHz

This is a "regular" CD; it plays on a standard CD player (not MP3).
Each of the above test tracks on this CD is 2 min. long. (see pricelist  for prices).
This is a "regular" CD; it plays on a standard CD player (not MP3).
Customer defined content. Up to 25 tracks for standard cost (see pricelist  for prices).