XM47 speaker crossover

XM47 Speaker Level Crossover

12 dB/octave speaker level crossover
50 Watt power rating
Polypropylene capacitors
Toroidal inductors
Custom designed
Crossover frequencies 1KHz....20KHz

The toroidal inductors are wound on powder metal circular cores.
These inductors are much smaller than air core inductors and better than traditional iron core units.
The capacitors are polypropylene.
There is provision for on-board attenuators to equalize tweeters and woofers with differing sensitivities.
For example it the tweeter has a sensitivity of 94 dB and the woofer is 90 dB, a 4 dB attenuator can be installed in the tweeter line.
We can make these for frequncies of 1000Hz and up. The power rating depends on the frequency. At 1KHz the rating is50W, at 4KHz it is 100W, at 16 KHz 200W.
Dimensions of the board are 6.5" x 6.5"

We can also build custom crossovers like the one below.
This one is the XM47-2AA, 2 way stereo passive crossover. It has large powder-iron core inductors, polypropylene capacitors and speaker L-pads.
Unit shown below has 100 Hz crossover point for 8 Ohm speaker and power rating of 100 W.

Custom 2-way Crossover

Custom 2-way crossover in cabinet with Lpads