XM48 Speaker Level Filter

xm48 inside
Use with Subwoofer
Cuts out the low frequencies to mains
2 channel high pass 100W/channel
 or 1 channel high pass 200W/channel
  12dB/octave Butterworth  slope
Wire between amplifier and speaker
x8"x5"(dwh) cabinet
Typical 100Hz cutoff frequency
4 or 8 Ohm
Heavy duty ferrite gapped inductor
Polypropylene capacitors

last updated 6 May2020.
Please contact factory for availability and options
XM48M-A     Passive xover 12dB/oct cabinet, mono, 200W, speaker level
XM48S-A     Passive xover 12dB/oct cabinet,stereo, 100W, speaker level

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