FG53 sine wave generator.

This handy sine wave generator is ideal for testing sound systems.
Low distortion sine waves from 2Hz to 20KHz.
Distortion is 0.1% at 5VRMS output voltage.
Max. output voltage is 5VRMS
Quartz synthesizer for frequency accuracy of 0.01%.
Battery operated (3 AA cells)
Auto turn-off  to save batteries.
Separate rotary encoders for frequency and output voltage.

Computer Program for Windows

Simple Function Generator

Test Tone Generator - Test Your Equipment, Your Speakers & What You Hear

Uses standard sound hardware of your PC

!!  FREE  !!

Windows program implements a very simple function generator using the computer sound output. Runs under windows ( XP,..) . Generates sine wave signals from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Also has white noise and pink noise. Just download the program by clicking the filename below and save to disk. Then run it. No installation required.

The signal will appear at the output of your soundcard. Use for fun or for testing your sound system. Works also with most portables and multimedia computers.

fg_lite.exe    Download program for Windows .

FG153 power sinewave generator.
This combination sinewave generator and power amplifier is ideal for the lab.
Standard version can drive loudspeakers directly. Compatible with 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm loads
Low distortion sinewaves from 10Hz to 25KHz.
Output voltage 0..15VRMS (standard version FG153-AA)
Output voltage 0..125VRMS (high voltage version FG153HV-AA)
Max. output current 4A RMS (standard version FG153-AA)
Max. output current 1A RMS (high voltage version FG153HV-AA)
Quartz sythesizer for frequency accuracy of 0.001%.
Digital readouts for frequency and output voltage.
Sync output with 1VRMS amplitude useful for oscilloscope measurements.